Drag left mouse button to move the states.

Maps of USA is a casual map quiz game. There are a total of 50 states in the United States. Let’s give you a map of a particular country in the United States and try to guess which country it belongs to. The more correct you are, the higher your score will be.

Maps of USA game content

When the Maps of USA game starts, it will ask you to click on Alabama. Each time you answer the question, you have three chances to try to choose the right answer. If you select the right state within three guesses, the state will turn green. On the contrary, the country will turn red.

When your right opportunity runs out, another state will appear at the top for you to choose from until all 50 states in the United States are selected.

Features of games in Maps of USA

In Maps of USA, when you answer a question correctly, the system will give you a five-point mark.  But if you choose the wrong time, the system will provide you with a deduction. The higher the score, the stronger your knowledge of geography and the stronger your memory. If you like Maps of the USA, it will not disappoint you. It will bring you enjoyable geographical game experience.

Maps of USA is a game to test your memory and observation. You will need to give your map an accurate name answer. Only if the answer is correct can you score points and win the game. Connect 4 is a unique chess game. You can only play chess on top of it if you fill-up the following squares.  Your task is to connect four pieces in advance before your opponent so that you can win the game.

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